Wedding Lighting in Dallas-Fort Worth

Elegant wedding lighting is a wonderful way to enhance the ambiance of your event. We offer various styles of decor event lighting, allowing you to choose as much or as little as you’d like. Each lighting type serves to make your event unique in a different way.

Many couples are using LED uplighting to enhance the architecture of the room and to compliment the colors in their wedding palette. Others may decide to spotlight the floral arrangements to make them stand out in the room, like viewing art at a gallery. Still others like to add a bit more color and movement with dance lighting, or claim their space with a custom designed monogram (GOBO). For something truly unique, consider doing patterns or textures on the dance floor, or immerse your guests with environmental projection.

You can pick one style for an accent, or combine them for a truly unique ambiance.

You can find more information on each type of lighting through the following links:

Decor Up-lighting
Floral & Cake Lighting (“Pinspots”)
Dance Lighting
Monogram / GOBO Lighting