Emily & Scott :: Arlington Sheraton Plaza on the Hill

Going back to the Arlington Sheraton, and specifically the “Plaza on the Hill”, always brings back fond memories of childhood.  Many people don’t know this, but decades ago the city of Arlington tried their hand at running a Marine Park.  The history of “Seven Seas” is very brief (it was only open for a year or two), but I do remember visiting as a child.  And, up until the 90’s, the Sheraton still had the Spanish Galleon ship on it’s property by the pool acheter viagra maroc.  If you take a look at a map of Seven Seas, you can still do a bit of treasure hunting and locate the same buildings still standing on the Sheraton Property.  Their “Plaza on the Hill” is one of those!

The facility is truly unique, with a center dance floor and string lights over head.  That does present a bit of an acoustical challenge – getting sound to the dance floor without overpowering the guests around the perimeter, but we’ve got that down to an art!

Scott and Emily were a fun couple to work with, and came to me because I DJ’d the wedding for Scott’s sister back in 2008.

Another bonus was getting to work with Dwayne Lee of Southern Flair Photography.  Dwayne is a long-time industry friend, and truly a master at his craft.  (And you’ll see from the photos below that I’m no photographer!)

Table cards - add a little fun to your seating!

Party on - my view to the dance floor

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