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Dorothy and Barrett had a great story about when they met.  Barrett is a hockey coach, and Dorothy is a figure skating coach.  A friend of his had invited him to play in a senior league hockey game (something Barrett really wasn’t excited about).  However, when he set eyes on the score keeper (Dorothy), he was happy to be there.  How did they meet?  Well, he fouled one of the players, but the referee didn’t see it.  So he told the ref “Hey, you need to put me in the penalty box!”.

wedding reception gobo

This photo shows their monogram gobo on the ceiling, and the uplighting along the outside columns.



Since the bride is a figure skating coach, we had a little bit of fun with the first dance.  I printed
up some score cards for the wedding party, which they held up at the finish of  Dorothy and Barrett’s
first dance.  It was a huge hit! (And they scored a 5.9 out of 6!)



I love this photo!


Reception guests dancing

I had a great time at Dorothy and Barrett’s reception – what a fun crowd!


The groom getting crazy!

Our groom, Barrett, performing a toe-touch.
I can honestly say that I’ve never seen this before (and it did make me wince a little!)



I get a cool photo every once in a while. (You should see the hundreds that I delete!)


DJ Tommy Evans with the Bride and Groom

Happy couple: Happy DJ


The Music:

Cocktail music: Classical
Dinner Music: Jazz instrumentals
First Dance: “God Bless the Broken Road”, Rascal Flatts
Father / Daughter Dance: “Half the Man”, Brad Paisley
Mother / Son Dance: “Because You Loved Me”, Celine Dion
Garter Toss: “Danger Zone”, Kenny Loggins
Bouquet Toss: “Single Ladies”, Beyonce

The Team:

Venue: Katy Boykin, LaCima Club
Photographer: Catoe Hervey
Uplighting: Specialty Sound

Useless Stats:

Speakers used: Four
LED dance lights: Seven
Power Circuits: Two 20-amp
DMX Cable used: 150′
Speaker Cable used: 50′
DJ / Lighting setup man-hours: Six

More Photos:

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Secondly… I wanted to tell you this on NYE but Korby didn’t know yet, but we’re pregnant! (It was a surprise to both of us!), but we are excite

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