Decor Up-Lighting

What is Up-Lighting?

Up-lighting consists of several lighting fixtures, placed around your venue, that lights up the architecture or the surrounding of your event. It doesn’t have to be walls that are up-lit, you can do trees, columns, drapes, and so on. We can do up-lighting where the lights are one color for the entire event, or where they are more dynamic and can change colors to create different moods.

The following pictorial shows the Century Ballroom at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, without up-lighting, and lit with a candle-light color and a more bold magenta. You can easily see how the lighting transforms the space.


Do I Need It?

It’s always a good idea to look at your space in the context of your event. In other words, create the same type of lighting ambiance that your would have at your reception. Is it enough lighting? How does the ballroom look? Is it dark? Do you loose the detail in the architecture?

Another benefit of up-lighting is in your photography. When you have a dark background and a fill flash, then you tend to have photos with people in the foreground, but the background has lost any detail and is dark. When you up-light the room, it gives more depth to your photographs, and helps to balance things out so you still get great photos of you and your guests, but you also get the beauty of the space.
What is the Investment?

We usually recommend a minimum of six to eight lights, at least to light up the focus wall (the wall behind the dance floor). You can then add more lights to balance the room out. The number really depends on the space, and how saturated you want to room to be. We would be happy to meet you at your venue and bring a couple of lights, so you can see what it looks like, and to choose colors and placement. Expect to pay $25-$35 per light, or $200 to $1,500.