What makes a top Dallas DJ?

Tommy Evans - Dallas DJ Services - Owner of Specialty Sound When I was in High School, I developed a love of music – especially dance music. It wasn’t long before I turned that love into a small business in college, DJ’ing for my business fraternity and, eventually, other fraternities and sororities on campus.

After college, during my time as a Software Engineer, my DJ business continued to grow and I found myself entertaining at more wedding receptions. I really loved that, because I could combine my fun (but not over-the-top) personality, music knowledge, mixing skills, and ability to work well under pressure into helping that bride and groom to fulfill their dream reception.

After a number of years as a Senior Software Engineer, the company I worked for sold and I found myself faced with a choice. Do I continue working for “the man”, or do I pursue what I am really passionate about – helping to make a couple’s wedding day something truly Once in a Lifetime? (Obviously, I chose the latter).

Some education helps, too!

DJ’ing and Event Production is really a blend of the technical, scientific side of audio, lighting, and video; and the artistic side of music programming and serving as a Master of Ceremonies. I continue to stretch myself and learn all I can when I can, and – even more – help by mentoring others as they develop their business. Here are just a few of the workshops and classes that I’ve attended:

You gotta give back along the way

I also enjoy staying involved in the local wedding industry, and have served with the following associations:

Recognition for a successful business

I’ve also been honored to receive a number of awards, such as Entertainer of the Year (presented by NACE), Member of the Year (JWI), and Event Professional (NACE).
The best ‘job’, EVER!

I absolutely love what I get to do every weekend. No two couples are the same, and no two weddings should be the same. I get to combine my love of music (that artsy stuff I mentioned earlier), an excellent knowledge of audio and lighting design and acoustics (the science-y bits), and passion for making each reception Memorable, Fun and Unique (which is – after all – what every couple wants, right?).

Who could ask for a better job?

Tommy resides in North Richland Hills with his beautiful wife (a talented photographer) and two children. He is very active in family and church life. Tommy is proud to be the owner and DJ of Specialty Sound.