July 5, 2015

Wedding DJ Dallas-Fort Worth

There is nothing in the world as fun, exciting, or unique as your wedding day.   Your day should culminate the hopes and dreams of not just a bride and  groom, but parents and families as well.  It is a once in a lifetime event, with special memories for everyone.  You wedding DJ / Master of Ceremonies is an important part of making your reception fun and engaging for your guests.

“Once in a Lifetime”, Not “Seen One – Seen ‘em All”

Think back to the last few wedding receptions you attended as a guest.  Would you say they were fun, comfortable, and unique?  Were they “Once in a Lifetime?”  Did you feel engaged in the reception, or just an onlooker?

Every bride wants her wedding reception to stand out, but how many really do?  Any wedding reception worth going to takes weeks of planning and careful preparation.  Many factors are considered while planning your wedding day details: comfort of  guests, music selection, volume,  personality, and energy.  All combine to create the ultimate experience – after all, it only happens once.  Unlike most wedding DJs, Tommy Evans (owner of Specialty Sound) is a full-time wedding entertainer in Dallas/Fort Worth.

When you book your wedding entertainment with Specialty Sound, you will meet with your DJ (Tommy) to discuss your expectations, your dreams, and your fears. Then, together, he will help to craft a custom plan for your reception that will reward your guests with an event worth attending from start to finish.

After planning your reception, we will work closely with the other wedding professionals that you have selected  to make sure your reception is smooth and effortless.  You will have confidence knowing that every detail has been covered, and that your professional team is working together to make your day successful.

Our Standard Wedding DJ Package Includes:

  • Tommy Evans as your DJ / MC – guaranteed.  No substitutes!  You deserve to know who your DJ is.
  • Unlimited Performance Time – There’s no such thing as “overtime”
  • Unlimited Planning Time – We will meet as many times as necessary to plan the entertainment for your reception.  You’ll meet with Tommy, not an office member.
  • Unlimited Production Time – That’s time that we spend making your reception unique and personal.
  • Full Sound Coverage – We want your reception to be heard comfortably by all your guests, no matter where they are seated
  • Sound for Cocktails – We will include sound in an adjacent space.  e.g. foyer for cocktails, or perhaps on outside terrace
  • DJ Assistant – if needed (depending on the size & location of your reception.  95% of our weddings include an assistant)

Planning a smaller reception?  Consider our basic Wedding DJ package:

  • Tommy Evans as your DJ / MC – guaranteed.  No substitutes!  You deserve to know who your DJ is.
  • DJ / MC for up to four hours
  • One Face-to-Face Meeting – We will meet once to plan the entertainment for your reception, then finalize via phone or email
  • Basic Production – That’s time that we spend making your reception unique and personal.
  • Basic Sound Coverage – Ample sound for about 100 guests on the dance floor.  Perfect for smaller venues or guest lists.

For more information, complete the form on the right or call now 817-577-3595 for a fun, no obligation consultation.  Your guests will thank you!

Tommy Evans is passionate about his work. Specializing as a Dallas/Fort Worth Wedding DJ Specialty Sound will create your perfect wedding entertainment and wedding reception music. As an esteemed Dallas DJ, Tommy understands your needs and guarantees your satisfaction for a lifetime of memories!