Dance Lighting

Dance Lighting

We call it “intelligent dance lighting”. Some may call it DMX lighting (because of the protocol used to program the fixtures). Others still may call it club lighting. You’ll call it fun! Dance lighting can provide more lighting control over the dance floor, meaning less adjusting of the house lights – for a more elegant, dramatic event.

While dance lighting isn’t a necessity, it does provide an added polished look to your wedding reception or party. Most venues have only the ability to adjust the overall lighting of the space, without any special consideration for the dance floor. So that sales presentation or first dance means either you’re in the dark, or the whole room is annoyingly bright. Our dance lighting allows us to program scenes to light what needs lighting, all while leaving the rest of the room at the perfect ambiance.


Three Reasons for Dance Lighting

Dance lighting will help create a fun, festive ambiance for your guests out on the dance floor. It helps to set the mood, and provides some subtle lighting so your photographer can catch the party and not rely on the camera’s flash. From a dramatic white spot-lit first dance, to the perfect party atmosphere with changing colors, shapes, and motion – dance lighting can really help keep the party going!

Secondly, we have complete control over our lighting. We will program the lights for your event, so we can draw the gaze of your guests to the doorway for introductions, or to the dance floor for a speech, or to the cake table for the cake cutting. Many of our competitors use “dumb” lighting that changes based on the sound of the music, which often results in lighting that doesn’t slow down when the music does, or looks more like a police scene than a wedding reception.

Lastly, we want the lighting to be a beautiful addition to your event, not an eye sore. This means that it will look nice – all cables will be carefully concealed, which is especially important with equipment that is more visible than the sound equipment.