May 25, 2016


  • Event Pre-Production

    It's important that all of the vendors act as a team for each event. So, we try to keep our teammates "in the loop" during the planning of the event timeline.
  • Once we've worked up a draft timeline with the client, we love to share that information with those involved in the event (venue, planner, photographer, videographer), so we are all "on the same page". This also opens up a forum in case we've missed some of your schedule needs at the event.
  • Please feel free to share any areas where we can improve, and let us know what we're doing "above and beyond" your experience with other entertainment companies.
  • Arrival and set-up

  • We always include an arrival time on the timeline we send out. That often refers to when we arrive at the venue, but not necessarily when we'll arrive in the space (due to parking, dock space, unloading, etc).
  • We do what we can to blend into the decor of the space. That means all cords hidden and taped down as best as possible (matching our tape color to the floor), and everything neat and tidy.
  • Show time!

  • We love to start with soft dinner music, and then increase the volume gradually as the energy builds in the room, up to a nice, comfortable level for dancing. How did we do?
  • Final Thoughts

For more information, feel free to call us at 817-577-3595.

Or, email us with the details of your event.