May 24, 2016

Five Fine Points of the Fine Print

Recently, there has been quite a bit of chatter going on in the Dallas / Fort Worth wedding market regarding companies that supposedly acted outside of their legal limits.  Several of these issues had to deal with what someone said they'd include in their services, and - more recently - another was … [Read more...]

All You Need Is, Well – Love!

I've had the pleasure of doing a number of projects with Grapevine Faith Christian School. As a matter of fact, while helping to produce the presentation for their annual Town Hall meeting, I learned of their upcoming Gala. Well, let's just say they were happy enough with the Town Hall that they … [Read more...]

DSPNT Buddy Walk 2013

We often work with the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas, whether we are providing a Photo Lounge for a casual Barbecue Fundraiser, or DJ'ing their annual Christmas Party - this is one group who knows how to have fun! This year, we were contacted by DSPNT with a unique challenge.  They were … [Read more...]