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Tiffany and David :: Ritz Carlton Dallas

What could be better than getting to go to a beautiful and elegant wedding reception every weekend?  I for one, can’t think of anything!

This is the wedding of Tiffany and Dr. David Kennedy, at the magnificent Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dallas.  And, if I do say so myself, it was fantastically wonderful.
Their guests were a mixture of the established professionals, as well as upcoming professionals, and all of them fun.  One of my favorite moments was when David’s mother pointed out to me that “It’s Dr. David Kennedy”, after the introductions, and me replying “Ma’am, I am aware of that, but he requested they be introduced as “Mr. and Mrs. David Kennedy”.  That said volumes about the newlywed’s desire to simply have an amazing and fun reception, and enjoy being the new “Mister and Misses”.

To pull off such a great reception you’ve got to have a great team working together.  I’ve had the pleasure on several occasions to work with Adrianne and Turquoise Video Productions, and she’s always a joy to be around.  Although I’ve never had the chance to work with our photography team, I think the images speak for themselves.  And, of course, the Ritz provided a simply beautiful canvas for the lighting, under the excellent direction of Evelyn from Event Specialists.

And, by the look of the photos below – I’d say “Mission accomplished!”

Eternal thanks to Adam & Sara Kealing from inTandem for the beautiful photos!




TiffanyDavid_Wedding_444  TiffanyDavid_Wedding_447









Meet the Team!

Venue: Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dallas – Elizabeth Ng

Wedding Planner:  Events & Experiences – Evelyn Tan

Photographers: inTandem – Adam & Sarah Kealing

Videographer: Turquoise Productions – Adrianne Porcelli